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Welcome to Blogkit for VUE

Jun 052017



Blogkit Blogging Platform

We’re proud to announce Blogkit. Blogkit is a robust blogging platform for VUE designed to be lightweight, responsive and powerful. Creating content for your website is essential for building traffic, adding value, and SEO.

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Selling Music on Blogkit

Jun 052017


Have Customers Buy Specific Beats

Using Soundgine Pods is a perfect way to sell beats and music in blog posts, used by some of our highest earners this is a proven method to selling beats


Add a Video Section

Jun 052017

Have a Youtube Collection?

Create a dedicated section for all your videos, add a buy now link to beat below the video for quick sales, more info no how to do that here

Buy This Beat (Example)

Jun 032017

"Dead Wrong" by Yonas-K Beatz   Buy Now

 This is a beat inspired by Drake, Young Thug, Migos Flute. Click "Buy Now" and get instant delivery. Clicking the buy now will also give you the opportunity to view the rest of my beat catalog. Thanks for shopping with the best!

(Example Post) This post shows how you can quickly link a beat for sale from a blogpost. Read the instructions here.

Blogkit Plugins

May 192017


Powerful Plugins 

Blogkit is already a powerful platform but we took it much further by giving you the ability to activate some of our built-in plugins. Choose from over 15 plugins to customize and dial in exactly what you need. These are some of the plugins available.

  • Sponsors (Add advertising to your blog. You can add Google Adsense advertising or other sponsor.)
  • Tag Cloud (generate a tag cloud)
  • Google Analytics
  • About: Add an "About" Section
  • Twitter Cards (Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content.)
  • Facebook Open Graph (Learn More Here)
  • Mathjax (Learn More Here)
  • Pages (Add Multiple Blog Pages)

Embed Mini Beat Stores

May 192017

Soundgine "Pods"

Pods are mini beat stores that are perfect for blog posts. Simply add your specific beats to a pod, grab the embed code and paste. There is no easier way to quickly sell specific beats from your catalog.


Blogkit by Soundgine